Put some Adventure in your vacation!









Put some Adventure in your vacation!
573-964-1999  or  866-439-1096

And now the fine print.....
In order to rent a boat or PWC, you'll need to understand and sign these forms when you're at the dock.  We provide them here so you know what to expect.

 Rental Agreement - Front
Rental Agreement - Back
Operating & Safety Agreement
Waiver & Release
Damage Policy

WaveRunner Users need to include:
PWC Renter Orientation Checklist



Other things to know:

Party Cove:
Party Cove is OUTSIDE our service area.  With all but the most experienced boater, the shear number of other boats, inexperienced captains and alcohol are a recipe for damage to our boats.  Please read and understand our Operating and Safety Agreement before reserving.  Our service areas for each location is highlighted on this map:

Bottom line:  If you want to go to Party Cove, you'll need to find another rental company.

Reservation Policy:
When we take your reservation, we take your vessel out of the rental lineup for that period and turn down everyone else that wants the same thing.  BE SURE you want the vessel for the time period you reserve.  A $50 non-refundable deposit will be charged when you make your reservation.  If something comes up between then and your rental we may be able to move your reservation to an alternate day at no extra charge.  Let us know as soon as possible.  The remaining balance will be charged the day of rental before you take possession of the vessel.  In case of inclement weather (agreed upon by both parties), we will just cancel the rental at no cost to you and refund your deposit.  If you already have possession of your rental you have taken responsibility for any weather interruptions.

Arrival and Return Times:
Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled departure to complete paperwork and review
your vessel.  Arriving late cuts into your scheduled boating time.  Your return time does not change.  Overtime charges are at a prorated $60/hour and we usually call the Water Patrol to start looking for you after a half hour without any notification.  Please call us if you're going to be late.

Boater's Certificate
Missouri state law requires that all boat operators born on January 1st, 1984 or later to possess a valid Boating Certification Card to operate any vessel on Missouri waters. 
Missouri Water Patrol
Online testing:




Gas or tax not included.  Primary renter minimum age: 21 Secondary driver minimum age:16
Prices subject to change without notice.

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